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Setup Help

We suggest you switch on password to keep out busy little fingers.
The password can be any combination of three letters or numbers.

Penguino allows up to 10 pictures to be deleted and replaced indefinitely.

Please consider upgrading for unlimited pictures and advanced features.
Improvements including voice recording and playback are coming soon.

Please consider registering as this helps us improve Penguino.
Registering will open the Mail app. If you don't use Mail please register at

More Help will be added here as users report difficulties.
If you have problems or suggestions pleas email us at

The Penguino App does not collect any information.
If you register your data is safe with us.
Please take note of our Privacy Policy here:

The Penguino App was designed for use by young children and is very simple to operate.
Most functions are self-explanatory and automatic after the initial use.
Within the App we do not use upper case letters original Penguino Reading as they are of limited use in early reading.

If you have problems or suggestions please email us at:

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