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Penguino's approach is simple - young children have a limited vocabulary, and most of it is not in a book.

Your baby will know Rover, but have no idea what a dog is. They are familiar with Susie, but do not yet understand generic early-reading words like "sister" or "girl". Their favorite toy is Boo-Boo, but they won't know that he's a bear for another few years.

That's why reading typically starts much later, when children share a common vocabulary.

With Penguino you can teach your child to read starting with their very first words. Even if they're baby words.

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Starting to Read
Until 1799, when the Rosetta Stone was discovered, Egyptian hieroglyphics were a mystery, with many believing they were just for decoration. A mystery, or decoration - that's what writing looks like for young children. Penguino exposes your child to letters and shows that they represent words. First, your child has to discover the relationship between writing and spoken words as a vital first step to deciphering writing.

Penguino exposes your child to the words he or she already knows, your child's unique and constantly changing vocabulary that can never be captured in a book.

Why only Lower Case?
Look at a book or a website, most letters are lower case. When we start children with capital letters we do them a disservice as it doesn't help decode most written language. Unlike many early reading materials, Penguino starts with lower case letters.

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